Friday, November 7, 2008

Watch for falling....leaves

The wind and rain have taken their toll...and most of our pretty leaves have fallen from our trees. It didn't seem like they were with us very long.

But, I think we have more on the ground now, than on the trees!

We got a load of firewood delivered, and are preparing for the cold's still in the 60's here right now (although we have had some cold nights) We have had a fire or two, and the heater has run a couple of times.

It had rained and the ground was quite wet, so the guy had to dump the load of wood out front. It's extra work for my guys as our lawn tractor is DOA, so they are wheeling it around back by hand.

But, we're thankful to have it! We look forward to some warm cozy fireside evenings this winter!


Lauren Hope said...

You make me wish we had a fireplace! I guess ya'll have more use for one in Delaware than we do in Florida!

: D

Karen said...

Isn't it comforting to have all your wood now?:-) I miss our wood burning fireplace.
Hasn't this fall been spectacular though?! The colors are amazing.:-D