Monday, June 10, 2013

What I've Been Up To...

I really love cut flowers in the house! My husband and son sometimes bless me by
buying me some (my husband brought me some yesterday as a matter of fact!)
But, I also love to cut them from my yard--one of my fav things to do!
I recently had these lovely pink peonies and sage that I cut and brought in.
Alongside them you see the blessing of a bumper-crop of strawberries!

I held one so you could see how huge they are!

Don't these look pretty in the vase below?

Also, I am still on the Gaps diet...and here is my typical lunch...
salad, fruit, and kefir. It's so nice to have lettuce from the garden,
and the strawberries too--makes life easier!

When we went to visit our friends in Ohio last year, one of them made "Garden Tea" for us to drink.
I have an abundance of mint as you can see below, so I made some...
Basically, I just took filtered water and put it in my Vitamix--then I took washed mint (mine is apple mint)
and put it stems and all in the vitamix and blended it.
I strained it into the pitcher--and drank it.
It is really good!

Here's another batch of strawberries, and some snow peas too.
I really enjoy these fresh garden blessings!

If you read my previous post here, you know that I've been cleaning and decluttering for over a month.
It culminated today with our yardsale (our community had one) and since our son Brad is the president
of our civic assoc., we wanted to participate.
Everything that was left was loaded in the back of Brad's truck and the guys took it
all to Goodwill.

Phil and I also worked hard last night (it was pouring outside-so a great time to do it) cleaning out our attic.
We spent less than 1 1/2 hours, but we got alot done! And, I feel so much better now!
And, we made a little extra money to boot! :)

June is always a busy month for us, and ours is getting cranked up already!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Memorial Day...

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day...we owe so much to so many who
have fought to preserve our freedom!
We had a nice dinner at our house-Bri made these special potatoes...

We saw a blimp go by :)

We spent a little family time playing Rummikube
(the kids had recently played with friends and were happy to hear
that we had the game)

Bri won alot

Brad really did a great job buying and decorating for the day
(He also put flags on the light poles in our neighborhood)
It's something he does every year.

Isn't there just something about seeing our flag flying that just "gets you"!?
Thanks Brad for decorating, and many, many thanks to those
that I owe my freedom to!

Long may she wave!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Flowers Again...

Remember the flowers in my Mother's Day post from Brad?
Well, they didn't hold up well, and I mentioned it to the ladies at the
place where he got them...

So, they gave me these! (they let me pick what I wanted!)

I really enjoyed them, and appreciated the kindness of the ladies.
They said they had some problems over Mother's Day, and wanted to make it right.
It sure blessed me--i love flowers!

These little pink berries are what got me! :) 
Thanks Brad! I really enjoyed them!

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Knights In Shining Armor!

Ok, these guys were real troopers!
They must really, really love me! lol

I bought this gazebo last year 75% off at Kmart...
and they put it up for me a week or so ago...

It took us 3 hours! It was hard!

It's a really good thing Brad is tall--no way could we have reached the top!

Phil finished it all by sweeping up...

And helping me put the rug and furniture in...

I love it! I look forward to fun times out here all summer/fall!
Thanks to my two heroes! :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Another May Fav...

One thing we really look forward to in May is our annual trip to the Amish nurseries for
our garden plants!
Lots of neat scenery to and from...a fun trip1

Interesting face :)

I thought these chickens were pretty!

I love, love, love houses like this! (Oh, that porch!)

Gotta love Amish laundry on the line :)

This nursery is stuffed with plants! This is only
one of the greenhouses...

And, their prices are so GREAT!

I got some of these!

Met a new friend!
My fav kind of dog--Cavalier King Charles!
We've had 3 of the colors--never had this one though, Black and Tan.
I think her name was Suki. She was a dorable! I want one!

How about this cool planting system?

Every year we like seeing the phlox on this bank!
Looks like they lost some of it since last year though. :(

Happy to make this trip every year--glad Bri went with us this year too. :)

Most of our stuff is planted, but not all.
It's too hot to plant right now.
How about you? Is your garden in?
Do you have veggies or flowers, or both?