Friday, August 30, 2013

Longwood Part 2

I can never resist a shot of the tower

I love these garlic chives above--pretty and practical

Every time I go to Longwood I see something new
The little lady above was a new one on this trip
 I was walking by this and wanted a picture so badly of it...
but it was crowded and I had to wait for awhile until there was no
"traffic" :)
I thought it was worth it!

We always pop into the gift shop before we leave
Loved this "bee" display
I want Echinacea this color in my garden one day...

Of course Bri spotted this little guy in the outdoor portion
of the gift shop before we left ;)

Lovely Longwood

Bri and I love to go to Longwood Gardens in PA.
Groupon had 1/2 we went last Sat.

It was such a glorious day!

We had fun--Bri wearing a "hat". :)

I was on "overload" with all of the colors!

Bri in front of the Italian Gardens

We were so happy that the water lilies were open--
they never seem to be open when we're there.

I thought the ones above look like "shark fins"


I just couldn't resist snapping the one above--so interesting!

This hibiscus was the size of a dinner plate!
These are the true colors--no editing!

Love this hummingbird sculpture
We went to visit the "student gardens" and loved it!

Wish my veggie garden looked like this!

Complete w/playhouse!

Love these combos

We found this guy in the bush--he found echinacea seeds on
an old plant inside.
It was so refreshing to be outside-surrounded by gorgeous
gardens--and not have to weed! lol
Hope you enjoyed these, I'll post more later.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedded Bliss

Our family had the great privilege of attending the wedding of a lovely
young couple recently.
This couple kept themselves pure for each other - including their first kiss.
This was a wonderful godly wedding, and I wanted to share
a few pictures with you.
This adorable flower girl nearly stole the show!
The beautiful bride with her daddy

The groom catches a glimpse of his bride
Their good friend and pastor married them--he catches sight of the bride here

The bridesmaids were all sisters of the bride or the groom
There was so much during this beautiful ceremony that can't be
captured in these pictures.
Looks exchanged between these two were just so sweet!
They sang to each other which was gorgeous!
I will try and post it here if you want to hear it.

This Candy Bar was fun, fun, fun!

I love this cake topper!

My kids enjoying the reception

Aren't these two adorable?

AND, our Bri caught the bouquet!
So looking forward to seeing what God does
in the lives of this young couple!