Friday, August 31, 2007

Prince Edward Island Reflections

Prince Edward Island...where the sky seems bluer, the clouds seem fluffier, and all of your creative juices stir to life!
(The urge to take pictures overwhelms you... as you can see!)

I mentioned in my last PEI post, that with this being an island, there is alot of beautiful coastline in PEI. And of course, lots of coastline means lots of lighthouses. PEI has over 50 of them on the island. We visited several and loved every one of them! I wish we would have had time to see all of them. One of them has a restaurant inside! :0) And, I think you can even lodge in one as well. Several have gift shops in them also.

There's something majestic about these solitary beacons that dot the PEI shoreline.Something solid, strong, and secure about them.

We only had time to tour the inside of one of them, Panmere Lighthouse. The view was lovely! It was a very quaint place, horses roaming the grounds, and the people there treated you like you weren't "from away". :0)

We visited many others, but only from the outside. Each one was lovely, and had it's own "personality". They made great photo ops!
Just one of the many lovely attractions that we were blessed to see on our trip!



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Day For Bees...

Today certainly was a day for bees around our house.
First, I went to the mailbox to post something, and I looked down to see this gigantic bee. It was about 3" long!

A short time later, I was admiring the morning glories in my son's garden when I saw this little guy in the center eating his breakfast. :0)
Can you spot him?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Prince Edward Island Reflections

I was just
that about this time last year,
I was planning our trip to lovely
Prince Edward Island.
This was a dream vacation on both my and my daughter's wish lists. To have it become a reality was truly a dream come true!
If you have visited this lovely island jewel, then you know and understand what a beautiful place this is, if you have not visited, I hope you get to someday. For it is truly a magical place!

The island has plenty of
line of course, and most of it is very dramatic with it's sandstone cliffs, making the sunsets as shown here, also very breathtaking.

Although were aware before we went there of the beautiful scenery etc... we didn't expect the pristine, unspoiled, uncrowded paradise we experienced.

We were even gifted with this magnificent rainbow one evening!
It was not a hustle-bustle
vacation full of deadlines
and cramming in every ride
in the park.:0)
This was a relaxing,
"making memories" kind
of vacation... Where you have time to "meander" along the Northumberland Strait picking up beach glass and watching the seals.

In fact, perhaps you may find a starfish or two, or even a marine hermit crab as we did.

The wildlife there was abundant, which just added another wonderful dimension to the trip for our nature loving family. We always enjoy seeing the many facets of God's handiwork.

We were privileged to see the above mentioned marine life, and more,
including dolphins and crabs. And although we watched intently for whales, we never saw any.

As well as the marine life there was much to view on land as well. We saw several bald eagles, a ruffled grouse, foxes, red squirrels, and at night we heard coyotes yipping, but never got a glimpse of those shy creatures.

I will happily continue my reminiscing in a separate post. :0)

I hope some of the "magic" shows through in these pictures for you!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Soaking it up--and saying our goodbyes

My family and I spent all day today soaking up the sun--and the beach atmosphere! It was a lovely day, and we are blessed in that we can drive less than 2 hrs and be on the beach.

My entire family loves the beach, and so this was a day we were eagerly anticipating.

Thus we spent the day soaking up and enjoying God's marvelous creation, but also saying goodbye to the summer and the carefree days.

I was also reminded today as I was sitting there reflecting on the beach, that it's because this is only for a season that we appreciate it so much!

We know that our schedule will become more rigid and restrict us from having the free-time to go as often. We also know that cold winter days lurk in the not so distant future, and so we should appreciate the blessings we have-while we have them!

I sure appreciated this one, it was a lovely day!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hangin' On

Hangin' On

I am watching summer fly by with the momentum of a speeding bullet! Here at my house, we are hanging on to it with both hands. Not that we didn't get to do most of our "summer wish list".... it's just that there's so much more that we could "fit in" if given more time.

There's also the added pressure of school starting next week to add to the sweetness of these last few days of summer freedom.

And so it goes, time halts for no one. I'd best go get busy!
Have a great summer day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maiden Voyage

Finally, I am officially sticking my toe into the "blogging pool" so to speak!After much hem-hawing around, I'm going to try my hand at setting up a blog.(which ought to be an interesting venture for a computer challenged gal like me!)I only hope that (despite my frailties) it always glorifies God.
I would like to use my blog basically as an outlet to post a smattering of snapshots from my daily life. Just everyday, ordinary blessings! :0)