Friday, August 24, 2007

Soaking it up--and saying our goodbyes

My family and I spent all day today soaking up the sun--and the beach atmosphere! It was a lovely day, and we are blessed in that we can drive less than 2 hrs and be on the beach.

My entire family loves the beach, and so this was a day we were eagerly anticipating.

Thus we spent the day soaking up and enjoying God's marvelous creation, but also saying goodbye to the summer and the carefree days.

I was also reminded today as I was sitting there reflecting on the beach, that it's because this is only for a season that we appreciate it so much!

We know that our schedule will become more rigid and restrict us from having the free-time to go as often. We also know that cold winter days lurk in the not so distant future, and so we should appreciate the blessings we have-while we have them!

I sure appreciated this one, it was a lovely day!


Wilma said...

We love the beach too! Wish we could be there with you. We would have so much fun! Summer has gone by much to fast.

Marci said...

I am glad you were feeling better and able to go. Looks like you had fun!!!