Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maiden Voyage

Finally, I am officially sticking my toe into the "blogging pool" so to speak!After much hem-hawing around, I'm going to try my hand at setting up a blog.(which ought to be an interesting venture for a computer challenged gal like me!)I only hope that (despite my frailties) it always glorifies God.
I would like to use my blog basically as an outlet to post a smattering of snapshots from my daily life. Just everyday, ordinary blessings! :0)



Marci said...

Welcome to Blogdom my friend!!!! You will do great both with words and your pictures.

Ron and Ginny said...

Greetings in the Name of the Lord! Blogging is fun, welcome. By the way, I saw that you said you had two of the best kids in the world and I got a second opinion. Marci said that it was true! Congratulations! :-D TN said...

Sharri, good to see you in Blog Land. I'm sure you will enjoy this tremendously. I always loved looking at your I WILL be back! Clara

theorosfamily said...

Hurray! Sharri's here!:-) Love the pics Sharri, you're so talented!