Friday, August 31, 2007

Prince Edward Island Reflections

Prince Edward Island...where the sky seems bluer, the clouds seem fluffier, and all of your creative juices stir to life!
(The urge to take pictures overwhelms you... as you can see!)

I mentioned in my last PEI post, that with this being an island, there is alot of beautiful coastline in PEI. And of course, lots of coastline means lots of lighthouses. PEI has over 50 of them on the island. We visited several and loved every one of them! I wish we would have had time to see all of them. One of them has a restaurant inside! :0) And, I think you can even lodge in one as well. Several have gift shops in them also.

There's something majestic about these solitary beacons that dot the PEI shoreline.Something solid, strong, and secure about them.

We only had time to tour the inside of one of them, Panmere Lighthouse. The view was lovely! It was a very quaint place, horses roaming the grounds, and the people there treated you like you weren't "from away". :0)

We visited many others, but only from the outside. Each one was lovely, and had it's own "personality". They made great photo ops!
Just one of the many lovely attractions that we were blessed to see on our trip!



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Marci said...

Sharri, I love the lighthouse pictures.

You might want to make the color of the pink font different. It is hard to see against your background. Can you make the background lighter?