Saturday, August 25, 2007

Prince Edward Island Reflections

I was just
that about this time last year,
I was planning our trip to lovely
Prince Edward Island.
This was a dream vacation on both my and my daughter's wish lists. To have it become a reality was truly a dream come true!
If you have visited this lovely island jewel, then you know and understand what a beautiful place this is, if you have not visited, I hope you get to someday. For it is truly a magical place!

The island has plenty of
line of course, and most of it is very dramatic with it's sandstone cliffs, making the sunsets as shown here, also very breathtaking.

Although were aware before we went there of the beautiful scenery etc... we didn't expect the pristine, unspoiled, uncrowded paradise we experienced.

We were even gifted with this magnificent rainbow one evening!
It was not a hustle-bustle
vacation full of deadlines
and cramming in every ride
in the park.:0)
This was a relaxing,
"making memories" kind
of vacation... Where you have time to "meander" along the Northumberland Strait picking up beach glass and watching the seals.

In fact, perhaps you may find a starfish or two, or even a marine hermit crab as we did.

The wildlife there was abundant, which just added another wonderful dimension to the trip for our nature loving family. We always enjoy seeing the many facets of God's handiwork.

We were privileged to see the above mentioned marine life, and more,
including dolphins and crabs. And although we watched intently for whales, we never saw any.

As well as the marine life there was much to view on land as well. We saw several bald eagles, a ruffled grouse, foxes, red squirrels, and at night we heard coyotes yipping, but never got a glimpse of those shy creatures.

I will happily continue my reminiscing in a separate post. :0)

I hope some of the "magic" shows through in these pictures for you!


Heather Mc said...

I love your pictures! The sun was beautiful on the water.

Ron and Ginny said...

Well! I'm jealous. ;-) That is one of the places I want to go someday, too. :-D Thanks for sharing.

Marci said...

Sharri, the pictures are beautiful. I had a hit on my blog today from someone who lives on Prince Edward Island. I was so excited.