Friday, August 30, 2013

Lovely Longwood

Bri and I love to go to Longwood Gardens in PA.
Groupon had 1/2 we went last Sat.

It was such a glorious day!

We had fun--Bri wearing a "hat". :)

I was on "overload" with all of the colors!

Bri in front of the Italian Gardens

We were so happy that the water lilies were open--
they never seem to be open when we're there.

I thought the ones above look like "shark fins"


I just couldn't resist snapping the one above--so interesting!

This hibiscus was the size of a dinner plate!
These are the true colors--no editing!

Love this hummingbird sculpture
We went to visit the "student gardens" and loved it!

Wish my veggie garden looked like this!

Complete w/playhouse!

Love these combos

We found this guy in the bush--he found echinacea seeds on
an old plant inside.
It was so refreshing to be outside-surrounded by gorgeous
gardens--and not have to weed! lol
Hope you enjoyed these, I'll post more later.

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