Saturday, August 24, 2013

Changes and Challenges

This month has been a challenging one for our family...
My mother's cousin passed away and we travelled to Sparta, NC for the funeral...
my mother in law became ill and passed away and we had a funeral...
a dear friend got married and we joyfully attended the wedding...
we had the privilege of joining our church...
lots of huge life events this month.
Here are some pics to commemorate them.
My great Aunt Maude

My mom and some sweet friends in NC

My dear "Aunt Poodle" whose husband had passed away
we'll miss "Uncle Frank"

My Mom in the middle, with her cousins and a sweet
young friend

Blue Ridge Parkway

the picture collage I did for Grammy's funeral
I can't tell you how much we appreciate the cards, calls,
visits, emails, & food from loved ones!

The same day as the funeral we attended the wedding of this sweet couple!
It was a very God-honoring service and we were blessed to be there!

Bri caught the bouquet! :)

Brad and Bri at the reception
A few years ago our neighbors/friends moved away...and their
sons came back to visit us--what a welcome surprise!
They turned out to be handsome young men!
We joined our church--and are happy to be there!
We look forward to serving the Lord with the wonderful people there.
Life is full of changes and challenges.
I don't know how we would manage without God.
I am so thankful that He comforts and cares for us through
His people.

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