Saturday, June 1, 2013

Another May Fav...

One thing we really look forward to in May is our annual trip to the Amish nurseries for
our garden plants!
Lots of neat scenery to and from...a fun trip1

Interesting face :)

I thought these chickens were pretty!

I love, love, love houses like this! (Oh, that porch!)

Gotta love Amish laundry on the line :)

This nursery is stuffed with plants! This is only
one of the greenhouses...

And, their prices are so GREAT!

I got some of these!

Met a new friend!
My fav kind of dog--Cavalier King Charles!
We've had 3 of the colors--never had this one though, Black and Tan.
I think her name was Suki. She was a dorable! I want one!

How about this cool planting system?

Every year we like seeing the phlox on this bank!
Looks like they lost some of it since last year though. :(

Happy to make this trip every year--glad Bri went with us this year too. :)

Most of our stuff is planted, but not all.
It's too hot to plant right now.
How about you? Is your garden in?
Do you have veggies or flowers, or both?

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