Wednesday, November 5, 2008

........Once said.....Twice told............ by Brad Borowski

51 year old Bob Schultz of Oregon, beloved friend and mentor went home to be with our Lord June 13, 2008.
He was a man of great wisdom and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
He wrote spiritual young mens books.
Boyhood and Beyond, Created for Work, and Practical Happiness are Bob Schultz’s books filled with his great wisdom; which in corespondence with myself, he wrote of his life lessons, applied them to my life, and answered my questions.
Bob Schultz greatly invested in me in another way by giving me the money for my Ford f-150. He gave me the funds from proceeds of his books that I may learn new skills in automotive. I am greatly indebted to the entire Schultz family; Janet, Molly, Emily, and Betsy.
His words were not just said, but applied and seen in his wonderful family.
I thank God for Bob Schultz and his love and generosity to me and my family, and to many across the world. Thank you Mr. Schultz. :)
--------------------------------Bradley ---------------------------------------P.s . I highly recommend you read his books, available at Vision

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