Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Stroll

Our family loves to be outdoors...especially in the Fall. So, we took advantage of the lovely day on Sunday, and went for a hike in the woods. It was so refreshing to be outdoors and seeing the changing leaves. Don't ask me why, but the site of these leaves floating on the water looked so interesting to me. :) My son enjoyed being a dare-devil today! In one of the top pics above w/the trees--it was all up-hill, and he ran straight up to the top! Above, he is literally hanging out over the water... Below he is hanging out over the edge of the path and dangling above a steep drop. (Don't ask me why!?)I thought these berries were so pretty

Of course Chips came along and enjoyed romping through the woods...(except for the several ticks we pulled off of him--ew yuck!)

I couldn't resist having them pose for this picture...I took the photo below in the same park, same spot several years ago!(although the bridge looks different-it's been redone)

My, how time flies!!!!!!!

I love my family! I thank God for blessing me with them!

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Wilma said...

The pictures of Bri and Brad on the bridge are sooo cute! Fall is my favorite time of year. Its also unseasonably warm here in Ohio too. I love it! I also copied your recipe. Sounds wonderful for a cold day. I will try it.