Monday, February 1, 2010

January P.S. ...

Well, Saturday night we had some unexpected snow...still in, I have an "add on" post!
We got about 4" out of it...just enough to have a little fun sledding in our driveway. :)
Papa having fun too :)

Brad put his blue flashlight from Christmas on the mailbox--it flashes and looks like a glowstick. :)
The next day was glorious with the sun and some ice forming...
The kids went to the local sledding hill...even though the snow was melting...they still had fun!
Of course the snow always puts me in a cooking mood...
So, we had a January Thanksgiving! Here's Phil carving the turkey breast.
We had green bean casserole and homemade rolls
Mashed potatoes of course!
Here we are doing our clean up...LOL
Our January was full of God's blessings!

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Anonymous said...

Oh those rolls look delicious carolyn