Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Job!

Guess what!? It's snowing again :)   It's only supposed to be about 2" though this time.
That's ok though, we have a fair bit of the white stuff still on the ground...and on the roof as you can
see above and below!

As a matter of fact, Brad shoveled some off the roof, just to be on the safe side...

It sure has been pretty though--don'tcha think so?
Winter Wonderland...
Below Brad is shoveling...something he has done alot of over the last several days!

This little robin is bewildered!
The guys shoveled off and on during the night to try and keep ahead of it...
The first day after...everything is sparkling
This is our street--it looked like this for a couple of days

We had ice during part of the storm, and some melting-this is the result

Chips checks out the snow fort that Brad made :)
In the pictures below you can see the damage the ice did-we lost many tree limbs

We were all happy to see this guy come through to plow us out!
What did we do you ask while the storm raged? We had a ball!
My sweet Mom stayed with us for a week, and we played lots of games, laughed, ate, & stayed up late!
Some caught up on sleep....
Some caught up on reading...
Hope your February is off to a good start!

For he saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth...
Job 37:6a

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