Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finishing out January

So, how was your January? For us, it went quite fast!

But, it may not go fast enough for these Robins...they're a bit early and are probably quite cold!
Friday nights are our Family Nights...this was our homemade pizza from last Friday night. Yum!
Yes, we finally finished our Risk game...Brad beat me by one point!
This is me getting dive bombed by a stinkbug while we were playing...maybe that's why I lost?  :)
My section of the board...
We had some very rainy days in January. Here is Bri braving the elements to put mail in the box...
(she's wearing her dad's raincoat)
This is what Chippy does on a rainy day...or ANY day! :)
Brad made a terrarium for his horticulture class...I think it looks great!
Bri has been working on her quillow--it's really pretty!
And then there's today...we are blessed with lovely SNOW!
What a nice way to finish out January!


Now is here --

A fine new start

For a whole new year.

The snow comes down

In the dark of night.

When we awake

The world is white.

In January

When there's snow,

We get our sleds

And away we go.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you are having an awesome January!!!!
Miss you lots!!!