Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Homemaking Tips

I was thinking last night (yes, can be dangerous!) :) and decided to make a post out of it about
homemaking tips for the month of January.

Not housecleaning persay...but homemaking!
I've had several conversations with ladies who have said that January is a tough month (particularly here in the Northeast where it can be snowy, or just cloudy).

Now, this doesn't bother me too much personally, as I love all the seasons!
But, it does affect those that I care about!
So...some little thoughts and ideas for January...

Warm up your rooms by lighting candles (this gives a double benefit! Sight, and aroma!)
Make a big pot of homemade soup
Set some quilts/throws out on the back of the sofa or chairs for cuddling
Surprise everyone with hot chocolate and popcorn in the evening--then read aloud to the family!
Play beautiful Christian music--I particularly like instrumental
Sing together too after your devotions--I love this!
Bake cookies for no reason
Or homemade bread!
If you have littles still at home--let them make a "fort" in the living room w/sheets and blankets
(My sister and I used to do this--we loved it!  Then my own kids loved it too!)

Take a minute to write some notes to the elderly, or shut ins that you know
(this is great for littles too! Have them draw pictures to include!)
If you don't know any elderly--just take them to the nursing home.

Bake something for your neighbor

Enjoy yourself this January as you're cozy in your nest!


Michele said...

Hello Shari,
What a great post! I have been thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful thoughts! My kids really like cookies/sweets for no reason!
Over New Years we did pancakes, strawberries and whipped cream for dinner just because!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post! I love all the seasons too, and January/February do not bother me. Nothing is cozier than freshly fallen snow, a fire, a good book/movie, a big bowl of popcorn, or homemake brownies, and a yummy smelling candle burning on the mantle!

Great post!
Enjoy your winter!