Friday, January 22, 2010


How are things at your house? Have you been enjoying sunny weather as we have?
We haven't had anything earth shattering happen...but here are some pics of this 'n that happening here...

Chippy enjoys schoolwork...I'm not so sure about his partner? :)

It was warm enough to have the windows open...& now Muffy has Spring fever!

We had our old van towed away...bye bye!

Bri made an herbal infusion w/Calendula

I also got my snowman stuff out...I found both of these adorable pics at Goodwill for $3

I love this couple (even w/her broken nose) sorry for the blurry pic!

I have 2 of these :)

This little guy holds our family picture

I even have these tiny snowmen hanging from my lamp...

The one on the round ball was brought to me by a friend--from China!
Below you can see our snowflakes on the windows...

Below, Chippy has gotten Spring fever, and rolled in something!
Bri is bathing him.

I made Blueberry Crumb Cake

Totally off topic...I got this Tupperware salad spinner off ebay and love it!

More school...

We've been enjoying lots of cozy fires, and Brad took some pics of it...

Hope your January is a profitable and enjoyable one!
Enjoy your weekend!

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