Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blessed, blessed, blessed!

Today, my son had surgery to remove his wisdom teeth.
Tonight, I have a heart full of thankfulness to post about!
1. God has graciously allowed me to be a Mom (my life's dream and desire)
2. He has gifted me with the wonderful privilege of staying at home with my kids all their lives!
3. He has given me friends that pray for me when I need it
4. He answers the requests!
Brad made it through his surgery-despite a couple of complications...and is doing great this evening, although they did tell us to expect a possible rough day tomorrow.
Thank you to those who prayed.
Thank you to the One who answered!
You know, no matter how old they matter if they tower over you...LOL...they're still your kids, and you're still concerned about them!
Hope you are feeling like your old, wonderful self soon Brad!

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Wilma said...

So glad that its all over for Brad. What a cute picture! Ashley went to the dentist yesterday to have some hardware removed. She's had it for six years! After they removed it, Tanya got a call saying Ashley needed to have her four wisdom teeth pulled! One was coming in crooked and they were also concerned about infection...Wow~ Tanya doesn't have dental insurance either.