Friday, September 11, 2009

Great Find!

I really wanted some dishes with roses on them....Lo and behold, I walked in to my fav store (Goodwill) and there these were!

Just waiting to be discovered! (Actually, I found the platter first) I think it's lovely!

Isn't God good? Just gave me exactly what I wanted--I didn't even really need them, just thought they would look pretty with the rose theme in my livingroom! :)

BTW, the whole set...$7! :)

Gotta love GW!

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Wilma said...

Oh my goodness! We always said we had things in common. Did you know that after my mother died, my sisters and I started collecting dishes with roses, stationary, and cards with roses.... Roses were Mom's favorite flower. I have probably two dozen plates with roses, all different patterns. I have sixteen plates lining my kitchen ceiling. When my sisters come for one of our birthday celebrations I get out my mix matched rose plates. My wallpaper in my kitchen also has roses on it. Most of these plates have been found at flea markets, second hand stores or garage sales. I'll have to send you a picture!