Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As summer turns to Autumn
The leaves begin to turn.
About God's love and beauty
This is the time to learn.

Just look outside your window
At colors bright and bold.
Leaves of red and orange and brown
And some look like pure gold.

You say you don't believe in God?
I say, how can you doubt?
When you go to your window
And simply just look out.

Outside my kitchen window
A tree grow's strong and tall.
It brings such joy and peace of mind
To watch leaves of Autumn fall.

It sways in winds but never falters.
And from it's pattern never alters.
It must be God no man can say
I made that tree to look that way.

The sun rays form a halo
Around that big strong tree.
And there's a voice that seem's to say
Look up and think of Me.

~~By Carrie Reger.~~

I always feel sad saying goodbye to Summer...but I love to welcome the Fall
Making new Memories... crisp air...colorful leaves...the smell of woodsmoke in the air...cider, spices-cinnamon, nutmeg... apples, pumpkins, s'mores and bonfires!
It's a time of year that is cozy and homey...and, it puts me in the mood to cook!


Trees arrayed in gowns all bright,
Geese that honk in southern flight,
Nippy nights and brisk fall days -
Earth with beauty is ablaze.
Farmers gather in their yields
Children play in leaves fresh raked,
Begging fall's last apples baked.
Earth is fired with gold and red,
Though she soon will be put to bed.
God gives vivid promise true -
Spring will see earth born anew.

~~By Louise Pugh Corder.~~

I hope you have a blessed Fall season in your home. :)


11 Smiths said...

Thanks for commenting on our blog! Are y'all friends of the Palmers?

Sharri said...

Yes, we are! :)