Friday, September 18, 2009

Growing Older!

Yes, it's true. I'm sporting more birthday candles on my cake than ever before! :)
Today I turned another year older!
But boy, was it worth it!
My day began with a lovely breakfast in bed-prepared by my wonderful daughter (who also made me a delicious birthday cake, a fabulous collage and a dear birthday card!)
Then, my son (recovering from wisdom teeth removal) made my bed, left me little notes, set up some Christian music to play for me, made me a great birthday card, and hung birthday banners up in my honor...

My sweet husband brought me a lovely bouquet of flowers, a delicious seafood dinner-yum, and a lovely card.

My dear friend sent me lovely salt and pepper shakers and a glass oil dispenser all painted with apples! (my fav!)

My mom gave me b-day money and a lovely ornamental pepper plant (so cute!)
I also received many sweet phone calls, lovely cards and birthday wishes in the mail, and via internet!

Oh yeah, I am blessed indeed! God is so good to me! My heart runneth over!


Marci said...

I'm glad your day was special!!!!

Wilma said...

I knew you would have a 'Happy Birthday!' So sweet of your family.