Monday, March 16, 2009

What is it all about anyway?

I'm talking about St. Patrick's Day. The way the world has perverted this day is typical...but there is a real story behind this actual person that lived around 387 AD. Here are some other facts:

  • He was of noble birth

  • At 16 he was carried off by a band of Irish raiders and was made a slave in Ireland

  • Patrick was taken to Antrim where he was sold to a local landowner, Meliuc, who put him to work as a shepherd

  • For six long years Patrick lived upon the Slemish mountain with only his sheep for company before being set free

  • Upon returning home he prepared himself to become a priest

  • In 432, now a Bishop, set out for Ireland as a missionary-he wanted to convert them to Christianity

  • He taught that it was wrong to worship creation rather than the creator

  • Explained the Trinity using a shamrock- with one stem and three leaves, the Trinity is one God in three persons

  • He died on March 17th after a long and fruitful life


Saint Patrick was a man of God

who came to Erin’s land

With God’s own love within his heart,

a shamrock in his hand.

He used the three-leafed shamrock

to help the people see

How there could be three persons

in the Holy Trinity.

The God the Irish learned of

today can still be found—

A Truth that’s far more beautiful

than creation all around!

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