Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vision Forum's True Beauty Review

I am so excited to be doing a review on Vision Forum's- True Beauty CD-set! The title reads: True Beauty Cultivating Christ-Centered Father-Daughter Relationships. These were recorded from the Father-Daughter retreat of 2008, featuring speakers: Doug Phillips, Scott Brown, Geoffrey Botkin and daughters Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin.

As the mother of an 18 year old daughter, I was delighted to listen to this CD set. However, it wasn't just me that was excited--my whole family joined me every evening and we listened to it together! It was a very special time.

The tone of the CD's is set by Doug Phillips when he talks about the Foundational Vision for Father's and Daughter's. This was a real message of hope for fathers and daughters both. And, there was a great challenge for father's to redeem the time with his daughters! It also covered how to be a wise Dad, and for the girls, how to be a noble daughter.

Scott Brown focuses on the Proverbs 31 woman on CD 2. I've heard this addressed many times, but really liked the way he covered this. He talked about how she's not worried that she's wasting her life--she's not listening to the world... it was very good!

He also spoke on the 12 Pillars of Womanhood.

This was a good challenge for the young ladies to aspire to! You don't hear challenges like this anymore--it was very inspiring! He defines biblical womanhood for the ladies.
(Mom's can benefit too!)

The Botkin Sisters do a beautiful job talking about the Transitions from Beautiful Girlhood, to Noble Womanhood. This was particularly nice for my daugher who is a young lady now. They kind of walk daughter's through some of the things to expect, and how to handle them. They encourage the daughter's to have a vision and a mission field! Even some helps on how to minister to their younger siblings. Kind of coming alongside the girls and encouraging them! (When's the last time you heard a message like that!?)

Doug Phillips had another message called Beauty-What Is It? that I found to be excellent! He talks about how beauty is an objective, it is a reflection of the attributes of God. He really does a good job of stating what true beauty is...not Hollywood, or media influenced view of it. I found this very, very good! (He even talks about holiness! That's almost unheard of these days!)

Scott Brown really speaks to the Dad's in his message How Father's Can Protect Their Daughter's In A Defiling Age about being the protector of their daughter's. I believe this is a much-needed message in the world in which we live today. He really stresses the importance of it!

Geoff Botkin also speaks to the Dad's on How To Prepare Your Daughter for Marriage. It is a very straightforward message to the dad's on what to do, and how to do it. However, he also addresses the girls as well on how to do/or not to do it. It is very informative! He talks about what kind of man your daughter should seek out, and so my teenaged son found this one particularly applicable to him as well.

Also on the CD's, they had a lovely Q&A time where members of the audience asked the above speaker's questions, and they provided answers. This was very informative, you get a little less formal of a message, and alot of real life scenarios. Very good.

We truly enjoyed listening to these CD's. They were a real encouragement to our whole family. It is hard to find solid teaching like this anymore. I consider these essential to equip both Fathers and Daughters. They were a real blessing!

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