Monday, March 2, 2009

Reviving an old tradition...

This past Friday I pulled some frozen pizza dough out and made some pizza. We used to do this every Friday night, but, I haven't done it for awhile...
But it was good!
Friday night in our home is Family Night. This is a long established tradition, and still very ingrained in our now grown kids!
When they were young, we did everything from obstacle courses, to setting up the pop up tent inside and doing an inside camp out! (complete w/smores) and a story of course.
Now, we do a movie night, or a game night. Maybe we'll spend time in the pool in the summer, or outside in the gazebo playing games or talking--or, maybe enjoying homemade ice cream.
The important thing about it, was time set aside to be together, without distractions...
to this day it's a much loved time in our home!

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