Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monday was a holiday around here as my sweet husband had off for President's Day. Our family (including my mom) went to nearby Lancaster, PA (1 hour from here) to visit the Mennonite Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction. As we have all been reading through the Old Testament, we thought it would be a neat trip to take. The hostess who have the tour was very good, and we really enjoyed this life-sized replica complete with the courtyard. Not everything was to exact specifications--but most of it was, and she would point out and give you an idea of what the exact proportions would be. She said that different presenters have different ways of focusing on it, but she focused on the blood sacrifice, and repentance.
It was a neat trip.

Afterwards we went out for lunch, which was a nice treat!

Although it was sunny and in the 60's when we left, it got increasingly colder, and rained the whole day, so I couldn't get pictures--it is a lovely area to visit, and I wanted you to get the flavor of this "Amish country", so here are some pictures I took a few months ago, this was the same area we were in Monday.

The farm pictured above is where I get my milk. :0) And so, we combined pleasure, with necessity! The people are so nice, I always like to stop there--it makes the necessity a pleasure!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you all had a good time! We almost went up there on Presidents day too!Love ya!~ Vic