Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Little Early Spring Fever

The lovely paperwhites above were a gift to my daughter and I from a lovely friend of ours. We are really enjoying them! They are very fragrant!
This was a neat project as we have never forced bulbs before.

Below is something I picked up the other day. The primroses will be given away to someone most likely, but I had purchased them, then stopped at Goodwill and saw the basket for .50--and thought "Hmm, I'll bet those pots will just fit in here..." and they did! So, viola! We're enjoying them while they're all still here. (I love primroses and have some in my garden that come up every year).

Happy Thoughts of Spring!


El_rue said...

Hello my name is El_Rue. You take lovely pictures and I hope you come and visit my site.

Sharri said...

Hi El_Rue, thanks for the compliment, and email me your blogsite and I'll drop by!
Thanks for popping in!

Ron and Ginny said...

Very nice. I sure am looking forward to spring now. :-D

Patty said...

so pretty !

Marci said...

They are lovely. You could hop on the train and bring them to me!!!