Sunday, February 3, 2008

Although I am without artistic talent, I am pleased to say that my daughter (17) is not! :0)
She has been given a wonderful gift by God to do art!
Above is a colored pencil drawing she did as a gift for me. :0)

Below is a chalk art drawing that she did. (This was a practice) When you switch on the blacklight, you can see another image...

Below is one from another picture she did. It isn't all that clear though.

This is a way she can use her art for the Lord. There is a message given during the drawing. Actually, about 1 year ago, she went away for two weeks to learn how to do this!

I posted another shot below that I hope is clearer. This is a picture of the choices we each have to make--either Heaven, or Hell. We all have to make it. We will wind up being in one of those two places.
If you aren't sure what exactly I mean by this... Please take the time to go to the bottom of this page, and click on the Way of the Master site to find out that you can know for sure where you're going when you die.

I am thankful to God for my daughter's talent. I pray that she always uses it for Him.
I thought this post went along well with the verse on my blog for the day:
Today's Verse: I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
3rd John 1:4 / KJV

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