Saturday, February 9, 2008

Today was Saturday, and I spent a good part of my day in the kitchen.
I made two loaves of bread, one to eat now, and one to freeze for a time when I won't have time to bake!
I also tried to get ahead by prepackagin my bread mixes. Here's how, and why, I do it....
I buy my flour (both whole wheat and white) in 25 lb bags from an Amish store in Lancaster, PA called Pleasant Valley. (This is the link to the actual flour I buy: )
So, I take quart sized freezer bags, and fill them with the dry ingredients for my bread recipe. Then, when I am ready to make bread (especially on a busy day!) I only have to put the liquid in the breadmaker, and then the dry ingredients, then add the yeast. Very simple!
I also fill gallon sized ziplock bags with pancake/waffle mix, cornbread mix, and homemade bisquick. It really saves money to do it this way, is healthier, and also saves time.

I also made sloppy joes for lunch, and pizza dough for dinner. The pizza I made was the dough, spread with bbq sauce, then I had cooked and cut up boneless skinless chicken breast and put that on, and then topped w/mozzerella cheese.

It took some time to fill up my bread mix bags today, but it will save me big-time when I have those busy days coming up around the corner!

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Marci said...

Good job thinking ahead like that. I need to make bread on Monday. I make a 4 loaf batch. I then make 3 loaves of bread and save one for pizza dough.