Friday, December 21, 2007

We Survived the Big Apple!

Yes, my family is officially insane! We hopped on a train at 7 am yesterday morning and set out for New York City!The weather cooperated beautifully as we did NYC by foot.

Armed with information I dredged up from the internet, we set out to tour the Empire State Bldg., Rockefeller Ctr., Central Park, Times Square, and the Christmas Window Displays...

We made the Empire State Bldg our #1 stop. It was a good move, because there was no one there yet and we went straight up (at times the wait can be 2 hrs.).

If you have never been in the Empire State Bldg. then you should know that we only went to the 86th floor Observatory - not the top of the building. (It is another $14. to go the the 102nd floor.)

This is a picture of the Chrysler Bldg as viewed from the Empire State Bldg.

A lovely view of the Hudson River. :0)

If you look in the middle of these buildings, you will see the ice skating rink those tiny dots are skaters!
Look past these buildings and you can see Central Park! It looks small from the Empire State Building, but it is actually huge! (I'll show more pictures of Central Park in another post.)

We found a kind lady from England to snap this shot of our whole family.

My daughter snapped this neat picture of this pigeon with a bird's eye view of NYC! LOL

Ok, in this last shot from the Empire State Building, I have to tell you I love it because of it's shadow--do you see it?

I will post more later on our NYC trip!


Ron and Ginny said...

Well, I wouldn't call you insane, but maybe just a little off. ;-) The pictures are really nifty! Yes, I saw the shadow. Nice shot!

Marci said...

It sure looks like you had a great time. TN said...

Oh Sharri, that makes me want to take another trip to "The Big Apple". I would love to see it at Christmas. I've been catching up on your blog. I'm behind on my posting.....maybe someday things will get back to normal....