Sunday, December 2, 2007

The decorating of the Greens...

Yep, it's official, our trees are up! (My kids are really into the decorating thing--and push me mercilessly! LOL) (Actually, I feel blessed that they still enjoy it this much, as they are now young adults!)

This is our live tree, the one we were searching for in my older post. It is in our family room. The ornaments on it are sentimental ones... either made, or given by family and friends. :0)

This one is in the living room and is artificial. My mom gave it to me when she didn't want it anymore, the decorations just coordinate with the living room. This is the room that you enter when you come into our house.

We're beginning to catch the Christmas spirit here, how about you??

My son, who is taking Spanish this year pointed this out to me the other day--it has warmed my heart ever since he told me...

In Spanish, "mas" means "more."making christmas mean "more christ".

I want more Christ. :0) This gave me the Christmas spirit.

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Farmer Blu's Wife said...

Your trees are beautiful!!!!