Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I know that this isn't really the day that Christ was born...but love the fact that we do have a date set aside to celebrate His birthday!

The sermon we had in church on Sunday was so good, and I am thinking of it tonight. You hear alot of preaching on the birth of Christ, and you also hear a lot on the death of Christ on the cross. But the message Sunday was on what happened in between.

In between those events, Jesus was walking in our shoes. He was dealing with the struggles we deal with. He was facing the challenges, disappointments, and hardships that we face. He was facing trials, He was grappling with betrayals, and He was handling discouragement. In living through all of those things, He can now truly know our hearts. He can empathize with us because He lived it.

And so tonight I am really thankful for the birth of Christ. And, I am deeply thankful for the sacrifice of death that He made on the cross to cover my sin. But I am also very thankful to know that Jesus knows - He really knows - and understands- the things that I face in my life. That He can truly empathize with me, and when I ask for grace and mercy-He understands, and gives it. I can rest in that!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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