Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you did too!

We spent Christmas Eve at my brother Dickie's house. He lives about 50 min from here in a lovely rural area. They have a beautiful home, and we had such a nice time.
This is a picture of my brother and I.

Below is my daughter, Briana. If there is a cat w/in 100 miles--she'll find it! Here she is with Knickers.

We had food, played games, and just chatted and relaxed. Oh, we also opened presents!

My brother's dog Skye is pictured below trying to bury her present under the tree! She is only about a year old, and doesn't understand why this tree is in the house anyway! LOL

You can see by the picture below she is a lovely dog.

The picture below is of my brother, Dickie, and his wife Natalie. They were our hosts for the evening. Along with their younger son, Mike and daughter, Kelsey.... And his older son,Richie, pictured below. (My brother's oldest daughter, Aspyn wasn't there--but we missed her!)

The picture below is of my sister, Laurie, me, my brother, Dickie, and my Mom. My mother in the middle of all the grandkids--except my missing niece! This is my mom's favorite place to be-in the midst of the grandkids!
( See-we missed you Aspyn!) It was a very nice Christmas Eve! And we spent the ride home looking at the lovely homes decorated with lights. We even saw some fireworks!

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely family you have!