Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Day! It finally came! :0)

All of the prep, all of the wrapping, waiting and anticipating all culminated on Christmas morning!

Here are my two kids, and of course our little Maddie--coming down the stairs to let the unwrapping begin! LOL

This is the stage where everything is still all wrapped and pretty. :0)

Briana opens some goodies that make her smile. :0)

Brad opens a couple that make him grin too. :0)

Brad can fit in Daddy's new toy! (And he's 5"9+!) I'm sure that wheelbarrow will get some use.

Even the cat gets into the festivities! Here he is under the tree. :0)

Here we are getting ready to enjoy our traditional Christmas breakfast of homemade waffles w/strawberries and whipped cream, and sausage. :0)


Revee said...

It was so much fun to see your Christmas celebration! That is one HUGE wheelbarrow. :)

~~ said...

OOOOO, your Christmas breakfast looks delicious! Sharri, Your daughter is just beautiful. Hope you have a blessed New year!