Thursday, May 30, 2013

Still Plugging Away!

Yep, I'm still cleaning and decluttering!
Above is a pic of my bedroom when I finished it.
I even cleaned out all the drawers and closets.

As I've gone along, I've made little notes of things I need to replace.
Above is a new throw rug for the entryway.
(I really like the colors!)

I also found this sweet little lamp for the top of the bookshelf in my bedroom.
To the left of it is a picture that I found a frame for (took me forever to find the right size!)
The picture is special because my dear Mom painted it. :)

This week, I am tackling the family room.
I am happy it worked out this way--it's hot outside,
an my family room is in the basement...nice and COOL!

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