Friday, May 31, 2013

Free At Last! :0)

Before May is over, I wanted to hit a couple of highlights...
Our yard looks so lovely in this shot--I just love it!

The BIG news from the month of May???
We paid of our MORTGAGE!

We had a fun family bonfire to celebrate :)

We burned the rest of our payment slips :)

My husband worked a lot of hours to get that paid off!

No wonder he's smiling--all paid!!!

Brad has been learning some golfing tips from his grandfather,
and he gave us some pointers...
Bri turned out to be a natural!

Fun stuff!
(although Brad hit one clear back into our neighbors yard--yikes!)

We thank God for providing for us and allowing us to have a home...that's paid for!
And, we're one step closer to being debt-free!
It seems like we should have extra money right now, but we don't yet.
We have to save for the real estate/school tax bill due Sept 1st,
and for our Homeowners Insurance.
But, we're getting there!!!!

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The Neighbor Girl said...

Congratulations! How exciting! Glad you all are doing well :) ~Rachael