Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Plantings.....

I am so pleased with our new plantings!
We had some dwarf azaleas along our front walk--and they just never did well there.
They never looked healthy (I think snow would get piled on them in the winter when we shoveled...)

Anyway, Phil, Briana and I went and chose some perenniels to take their place, and I
really like them!

I had never seen anything like these before, and think they're all so cute!

The one above had little bell shaped flowers on it when we got it
(kind of like lily of the valley) The red is where the new growth is now.

This blue is so striking--kind of hard to see in the photo though.

These remind me of little faces :)
Aren't they cute?

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Marci said...

They are beautiful!!!