Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wonderful, Glorious Family Day at the Beach

Friday my husband took off of work so that we could go to the beach
both to enjoy some family time together--and let the crab go :)
It was an overcast morning, so the beach was nearly deserted!
Yeah for us!

There was evidence of some damage from the hurricane, but not too bad.

You can see we were pretty much to ourselves, when
we got there, there were only 3 cars in the parking lot.

It was a really nice time together

These seagulls didn't have many targets--so, they hung around us alot!

Just waiting for their chance--which they got! While 3 of us took a walk,
and one of us slept on the blanket (notice no names here!?) the seagulls
ATE our potato chips--the whole bag! lol

Phil and Brad have a catch--by now the sun has come out and it was like a lovely summer day.

This very brave little sandpiper would come right on our blanket and look for crumbs!

The waves were a little rough due to Katia.

It really was a lovely day--and boy did it fly by!
We ended it by going to Grotto's for pizza :)

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