Thursday, September 1, 2011

August is over!

Well, when I got up this morning and realized that August is over, I made up my mind that
those back doors I had put off painting were a priority!
I tackled all 3 of them and they are now nice and white again!
(I didn't want that dragging into Sept.!)

And so, for dinner tonight we did something easy, our Breakfast Casserole
We made it with turkey breakfast sausage this time-
but, you can also use ham or bacon!

I made my Lancaster run yesterday, here are some of the farm, fresh, free-range eggs

Thanks for your help Bri! :)


Wilma said...

Send me your breakfast casserole. I have one but it turns out different everytime I make it. You know what a wonderful cook I am! lol

Wilma said...

Hey! You are welcome to come visit and do a little painting around our house.... garage doors, back door and some touch up spots where I am planning on taking some pictures down and putting up different ones! You are most welcome anytime! lol