Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Apple Time!

There's some excitement around here because of the yield our two little apple
trees are giving us this year!

These Stayman's won't be ready for a couple of weeks-but, it looks promising!

We even propped up the branches to keep them from breaking...
it's also amazing to us that we didn't lose branches and apples during Hurricane Irene!

Here's our other tree, it is a Golden Delicious
This will be the first year we harvested any apples from it!

Some of them were a little misshapen, and some had spots, but
they were easily cut off!

I made applesauce from them--and it tasted sooo goood!
Having the apples and making the applesauce is one of the things that
makes it feel like "Fall" around here...
how about you?
Are getting in the mood for Fall?

1 comment:

Wilma said...

MMMMM! I bet fried apple pies would be awlfully good! I can just taste them now!