Saturday, January 3, 2009


Among my family, traditions are very important! Although my "kids" are young adults, they still love to honor the traditions our family has adopted through the years...

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, my hubby centered the family devotion time around the birth of Christ--the events that led up to it, and followed it...
Then, comes the tree hunt...although we have an artificial one in the living room--Christmas just calls for a REAL tree...and so, we got to a farm and cut one down. We do this at the end of Nov. But, we didn't bring it in the house and decorate it until Dec.

Another must--is the outside son's specialty! (Thanks Brad!)

We also do inside decorating as well. All of us pitch in on that.

We decorated the REAL tree Dec. 7th -above

and below, are some special ornaments (My Sweetie and I buy the kids each an ornament every year-so they'll have a collection when they have their own homes) We have ornaments the kids made, as well as some that we purchased during our travels, and some that are gifts.

Above, I thought these were appropriately placed...our Hope is in the LORD!

Ok, now we move on to baking days...some with friends, and some w/Mommom

Ok, I admit, there was eating involved too! LOL

And then, the family Christmas picture...

And then, before we knew was Christmas Eve! We p/u my mom, and spend that at my dear brother and family's home...then, my mom comes home with us and spends the night.Before we knew it, Christmas morning had come! First, my dear husband reads the Christmas Story, then we pray...and then we open the presents. :) Here's Muffy waiting for that part!After this, we have a delicious breakfast of homemade belgian waffles w/whipped cream and strawberries, and sausage and organic bacon. The rest of the day--we munch on leftovers as we are busy playing games and chatting!Yum!

Below, Muffy in the aftermath. :)

Chippy gets into it with his bells on!

In looking back over our traditions, I have to say, it's no wonder I love Christmas! We get to celebrate the birth of the Savior! Sing about it, thank God for it, and tell others about it!

And then, we spend lots of special family time together...serving one another, laughing, singing, praying and playing! It's a special time of year, and I love it!

I hope yours was just as special as ours was!


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Anonymous said...

Sweet, looks like ya'll had a great Christmas!!!