Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frosty Frolic

Who could resist those eyes?

Shameful! He will go to any lengths to guilt you into a walk!

We finally cracked and gave in....mostly because we finally got a little snow here, and wanted to get out in it while it was still coming down!

We met up with my pal Lisa, and her erstwhile companion and best buddy of Chips--MacGyver. If you can see what he is doing in the pic above--he's got his leash and is walking himself!

Lisa is Chip's hero! She comes and gets him quite often and takes him to the doggy park! All we have to do is open the front door, and she opens her car door, he runs and hops right in! LOL

I think the brisk air made the dogs friskier than usual! (I didn't know that was possible!)

In this picture, MacGyver stopped walking himself, got Chip's leash, and started walking him! (Brad is fighting for control here-I think he's losing)

MacGyver is just catching his breath here...

A neighbor kitty watches in feline disgust.

The kids enjoyed it, Chips enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it...however, we must walk back home now and hit the homeschooling!

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Marci said...

I am so glad y'all got some snow. I hope you get a lot more tonight. I bet Brad is ecstatic!!