Friday, March 28, 2008

Thankful to God!

My heart is just so full of thankfulness and praise tonight!
I found out only yesterday that a dear, sweet longtime friend had gone in for a routine test, and they found a mass near his kidney. This man's dear sister had suffered with cancer for many years before going home to glory at an early age....and so this was a real blow for them to discover this.
I heard from him this evening that he got the results of the MRI that they did to further explore this mass, and it looks like it is just a cyst that they will just keep an eye on.

As soon as I heard he had this mass, I was seriously taking this request before the Lord and laying it at His feet.
My family and I have been going to a revival at a nearby church this week to hear our friend Evangelist Tom Palmer speak. One of the nights he spoke on prayer. This was an excellent message for me, as it really reminded me of Who I was praying to--and what HE was capable of.

I just want to truly thank the Lord tonight for answering my prayers in such a wonderful way.
He's so awesome!

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