Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sight and Sound

We had a lovely time at Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA on Saturday. It is a very professional Christian theatre.
My sweet brother and family gave my family and mom, tickets to go and see the production of Daniel and the Lion's Den. We had a wonderful day! It was so excellent! They even gave a clear salvation message during the production!

Here we are above-in front of the theatre before the production.

On our way to the theatre, we drove through Amish country, where I buy alot of my staples. We stopped at one of my favorite stores, and this buggy was parked next to us. It was hysterical because inside of the buggy hung this key chain with fuzzy feather's on it...

See the fuzzy keychain? Hee hee hee!

Well, if that didn't make you smile....the triangle/hazard thing on the back had a big Cabela's sign on it! LOL

It was such a fun day! Another great memory!


MamaBugs said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I love to watch for those funny things amongst the Amish too. Like a buggy at a gas station? Why? *L*

I hope we can go to a Sight and Sound production before we move...whenever that may be.

I am envious of your eagle photos. We spotted one a few weeks back but didn't have the camera. grrr!

BTW...I gave up on the whole snow thing too and packed my snowmen away too...a little earlier than you did but I am so over snow now.

Hey...if your kids are birders also maybe we should get together sometime. Bug loves birding! LMK!

Marci said...

We too see funny things with the Amish. Remember when they were partying out on the front of our property with their boom box going? This style of buggy is very different from those around here. Here, they are all black.