Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Silver Celebration!

This is a big week for us--yesterday was my birthday...and today my honey and I celebrate our...
25th Wedding Anniversary!

What a short time ago this seems to have been!

God has blessed us with a wonderful family through this marriage!

We have had so many good times and made so happy memories that make up our love story!
We've endured hardships and difficulties too--but, together!
God has been good to us beyond measure--I am so thankful!

Happy 25th Anniversary Dear--looking forward to the ones to come!
I love you!


Emma H. said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!! You guys are awesome! Congrats!

ISO 9001 Consultants Dubai said...

Happy Anniversary of your silver jubly.... Nice to see you at a great moment.... May god bless you and gives all the happiness in your life...