Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Trip-Day Two-Part 2

The scenery in my Mom's hometown of Sparta was breathtaking!
All through the county were these lovely quilt squares mounted on buildings
and barns

In the hardware store in town, there was a poster of them all

The hardware store also gave us some interesting photos :)

Don't you love the quilt on this display?

Then we hit a little boutique in the town--so fun to shop in!

We thought the shirt below was cute, we are flip flop wearers :)

The sign below is from the Christian cafe that is in the same building

Most of the pictures are Bri's--I did try and take the one below of the window dressing
(sorry it didn't come out that great)

It was a long day, with a lot of emotions...some very sad, and some very joyful.
Isn't that just like life?

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