Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Trip-Day One

The reason for our trip to North Carolina was a solemn one as we were there to attend the burial of a loved one. But, we did have many rays of joy during this trip as well.
We got really excited when we began to see these gorgeous mountains!

It is always moving for me to see the Three Crosses alongside the road

On I-81 we came to a dead stop as they were blasting along the road

This gave us time to goof around as we had to wait about an hour
(we were punchy from no sleep!)

We finally saw the sign declaring our destination state!
 Even better was the one telling us we were only 10 miles away!
These lovely Christmas trees are one of the crops grown by local farmers in the area

We just had time to check into our room, and dash out to dinner before the viewing.
After the viewing they conducted the funeral service, and the graveside services were
scheduled for the next day.
We went back to our room afterwards and fell sound asleep!

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Marci said...

Great fun picture of the 3 generations!! :)