Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Wonderful Mother's Day for me!

My Mother's Day was a lovely one! Above is the potting bench that Brad built for me a couple of years ago. This year he repainted it, and adjusted the lower shelf so that it could fit more items on it!

As you can see on top of the potting bench, my sweet husband got me an adorable gardening bag! Complete with a pink trowel (that I hope no one will swipe because it's a "girl color"! ) and a pink kneeling pad to match!

And, Briana got me a lovely new galvanized watering can. (I love galvanized stuff!)

My mom got me a lovely apple pillow (I love all things apple)...but why did my MOM get me a gift on Mother's Day!? I'm still puzzled over that one! :)

The kids played the piano for me, helped get the house ready for dinner, and then helped their dad prepare the dinner for my mom and I! YUM!
Chippy just loved having everyone here! He thought it was a real success--and I agree with him!

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