Monday, May 25, 2009

Longwood Gardens Part 2

Ok, part 2 of our lovely day at Longwood will be the indoor pictures. We're picking up where we left off after we dashed in just in time to get out of the rain. (These conservatories are basically just big fancy glass greenhouses, and when it was deluging rain...they leak!)

You can't believe what all they have in these conservatories! Like this lovely fountain.

A whole garden of hibiscus. Look at the picture below to get an idea of the size! (sorry the quality isn't great)

How about an indoor rose garden?

Or, maybe you would enjoy this garden of orchids?

Venus Flytraps anyone?

These are foxgloves growing among their indoor fruit trees.
Nectarines were the favorite of Mr. Pierre du Pont (who owned this estate) and they said in it's heyday that he grew about 7,000 of these in one growing season in the late 50's. (If I remember correctly)

These bonsai were gorgeous! Some of them dated back to the very early 1900's!

Yes, they even have grapes growing.
They even have grass growing inside!

You can even tour inside part of what were living quarters of the estate, which are connected to the conservatories. They used to dine in this room.

An interesting fact about this place for me, is that when I was a Junior in High School, our class threw the Senior's their party here at Longwood! We had the whole place to ourselves, and we had our pictures taken in the conservatory! It was lovely!

I hope you enjoyed our garden stroll!

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