Thursday, May 21, 2009

Longwood Gardens

Alright, I'm totally behind on posting pictures. I confess! My daughter has been quite patiently waiting for me to post about our fabulous girls' day out while Brad was away.

Longwood Gardens is a huge estate that is only about 35 minutes from our house. It has extensive grounds that you can walk, as well as many indoor conservatories. There are 1,050 acres with 20 indoor and 20 outdoor gardens. These first shots are of the grounds.

It was predicted to rain, so we did the grounds first, then went inside. (we were glad we did! We no sooner got inside and it poured rain--complete with thunder and lightening! (But, we didn't care--we took our time just looking at the indoor beauty.)

I have been there many times, but never get tired of it!

You can go at different times of year, and see completely different kinds of displays as different flowers bloom at certain times of the year. They even have a lovely Christmas one.

Isn't this Wisteria something? I like the purple-of course!

See below how the trunk of the wisteria is twisted?

This place is a photographer's dream!

These lilacs below are a favorite of mine!

They had some fountain show! It was getting dark though as it was about to rain. :)

Below is a Celtic Knot Garden of herbs--we really loved that!

Below is a vegetable garden that is beautified with flowers.

Isn't this cute!?

This topiary garden was really neat too.

There was an Analemmatic Sundial there.

I'll finish here with the outdoor photos, and come back with indoor ones in another post.
Got Spring fever yet!? :)

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Kelli said...

Oh my, those are gorgeous flowers, I would have loved to join you! Have a wonderful long weekend!
P.s You won my Etsy giveway. :0)